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Angel Support Foundation, a member organization with the United Network of Young Peace builders (UNOY), entrusted with the responsibility to carry out a baseline survey on the implementation of the National Action Plan on Youth, Peace and Security in Benue state commenced her activity by visiting the State Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Women Affairs, Foundation for Justice Development and Peace (FJDP) and the youth group in Idyer Nenger Community in Makurdi Local government area of the state. The activity was to carry out a focus group discussion (FGD) with 6 persons each per group and a total of 30 respondents.

The team however met challenges as they could only hold discussions with 6 staffs from FJDP and the remaining 24 from the youth groups in Idyer Nenger community.  The challenges encountered at the above mentioned ministries was seen as bureaucratic bottlenecks which involved submitting a letter to the Honorable Commissioner of both ministries prior to implementation as they are the ones to set a date for the focus group discussion (a process which would have delayed the implementation of this activity and further incur more cost) it was on this note that the team acted swiftly to work directly with the youths. 



The method employed here was the focus group discussion where respondents sat in groups of 6 each responding to questions as they were asked.

The table below contains a summary of all responses gotten from 30 respondents across the state capital.



Summary of





FJDP (Group 1)

Idye Nenger



What is the level of awareness among stakeholders on youth development and

Youth peace and security (YPS) agenda, of the NAP-YPS in Nigeria?

The awareness is pretty low maybe because plan was launched late last year

Group 2: very low

Group 3: it might be high for others but due to our location, it is low for us because we dont know about it

Group 4: Low

Group 5: Low


What should be done to improve stakeholder awareness and public awareness

Of NAP-YPS in Nigeria?

       Create channels through which information on the Youth development and Youth Peace and Security can be shared

       Channels like Radio, Television, Newspaper, Social media i.e Twitter, Churches, Rallies, Advertisment platforms

Group 2:

– the document should be shared with critical stakeholders

– Fliers designed for publicity purposes can be shared with the general public


Group 3:

       More awareness should be created

       Annouce in radio stations and paste stickers around town

Group 4:

       Annoucement should be given in church and youth group meetings to create awareness

       Social media campaigns

Group 5:

       Awareness can be created by word of mouth especially for those who do not have time to listen to news

       Advocacies to critical stakeholders


What are the identified limitations in the formulation and content of the

NAP-YPS in NIgeria?

The low awareness is already a limitation

Group 2: No idea

Group 3: No idea

Group 4: No idea

Group 5: No idea


What are the expected challenges in the implementation of the NAP-YPS in


       Lack of awareness: if critical stakeholders are not aware, there will be a problem with implementation

       Lack of belief in the Government by youth

       Lack of involvement of youth in the planning process

Group 2: No idea

Group 3: No idea

Group 4: No idea

Group 5: No idea


What other policy framework and action plans on youth can we identify as

Supportive and complementary to NAP-YPS and YPS implementation in Nigeria?

       Youth Inclusiveness

Group 2: None

Group 3: None

Group 4: None

Group 5: No response


Is there need to integrate these frameworks and action plans into YPS

implementation in Nigeria and how can this be done: having a new Action Plan

or implementing the NAP-YPS as currently formulated?

Yes, by involving youths in the planning process and carrying them along

Group 2: Nil

Group 3: Nil

Group 4: Nil

Group 5: Nil


What is your general comment on the implementation of YPS in Nigeria, and

your recommendations?

       This is a wonderful plan if only it will adhere to the youth inclusiveness recommended above

       More awareness should be created with critical stakeholders

       More visibility should be given to he plan

Group 2: Publicity should be increased i.e radio houses

Group 3: Youth groups should be enlightened

       Ministry of Youth should organize a rally to create more awareness among various youth as youth comprise of 90% of the population


Group 4: more efforts should be made in awareness creation and youths should be involved

Group 5:

       stickers should be created and pasted in strategic places to create more awareness and youths should be involved in the process

       this is a good plan and for a better impact more efforts should be channeled into giving it visibility




From the responses gathered, it is understood that many youths lack awareness on the launch and implementation of the National action plan, it can therefore be concluded that youths were not properly included in the planning and formation of the action plan and so most of them have little or no idea about the content of that action plan. Furthermore, it important to always include youths, especially at the grass root, sensitize raise awareness on the need to be a part of the process, and let them select representatives who will be involved in all processes of this action plan.