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Community Led Climate Action Project Phase II

Community Led Climate Action Project Phase II

COMMUNITY LED CLIMATE ACTION PROJECT (CLCAP) Phase II – CLCAP II is an 11 month integrated environmental management, rural/urban development, and climate change education programme designed to reach the entire Makurdi Local Government Area. The phase II of the project is an upscale of the project
activities in phase I which ended in April 2020. The phase I of the project laid the necessary bedrock in terms of community penetration, stakeholder engagement and awareness of the initiative promoted by the project and the adoption of strategies that have been successful. Also, the learning from phase I implementation helped in identifying areas of focus to bridge the gaps the project identified during implementation.

CLCAP II combined the awareness on mitigation and adaptation strategies to community members and facilitated sustainable climate action at the grass root level in an up scaled scope. It also facilitated and advocated for complementing strategies to deal with climate change issues at the community level by supporting and creating awareness on the eminent dangers of climate change to crop production, non-availability of freshwater, loss of lives of animal species, irregular rainfall patterns, tree felling and bush burning. The project also applied an empowerment initiative that focused on strengthening communities to protect
their environment, planting trees as a way of climate change mitigation and climate smart investments.


Below are a list of all the activities implemented on the project;

1.      Promoting good health and hygiene: hygiene promotion was carried out across the 6 council wards with a total number of 1244 people reached

2.     Baseline survey conducted reached 900 community members

3.     Advocacy visit was paid to stakeholders who showed enthusiasm on the project. The total number of 914 people
reached was

4.      Media Sensitization through which 26,530  People were reached

5.      Sanitation/clean up exercise was carried out in different location monthly for the period of 11 month reaching a total of 498 people.

6.   Tree planting campaign carried out in all council wards of intervention was benefited by 1375 people

7.      Skills acquisition: a practical demonstration of soap making was done and 228 trained in
that regard

8.    Training of GTF was conducted with a total of 100 people

9.      Distribution of IEC materials to 4919 people


The  second phase of the project commenced in 2020 and ended in 2021. A total number  of 37,252 People were reached on the project.